Hi, I'm Coach J the founder of Bamboo Athletics & I'm going to be honest. When it comes to anything physical or intellectual I am low to average at best. The only thing that's caused me to excel is my discipline & through discipline, I've developed a system of training that will change your life.


I've been training for almost a decade but in 2015 I officially started my Journey. At first, I became a 'Certified Fitness Trainer' and then I became a 'Sports fitness Nutritionist', and a 'Performance Enhancement Specialist' as well. I've ran countless boot camps, I spent 2 years as the lead coordinator over the Tomoka wellness ADA program (for the disabled) and I've done 1 on 1Personal Training.





The journey to shedding fat, building lean muscles, and contouring your body into the physique you desire is traveled one step at a time and I know the process. I know that you're going to need education along the way to help you make the right decisions. & I know that you're going to need encouragement when times are hard. Nothing worth achieving is ever easy but if you're committed to making a change then I'm committed to helping. I promise I will never give up on you.
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