I'm not in shape. Will the wotkouts be too hard?

 How many days a week are the group sesions?

Absolutely not. Everything is modified to your level. The sessions are challenging but not impossible, and there will always be a Personal Trainer to help. We focus on functional fitness over heavy lifting and we incorporate a lot of agility work to help you stay agile and limber.

Classes are only 30 minutes long so in order to achieve our goals of losing 6-12 pounds a Month we encourage everyone to attend 3-4 classes a week.

What is the Guided Food Shopping Course?

What if I can only make it Twice a week?

Even if you can only make it twice a week you will see results with our program. Each member gets a personal coach to help them overcome their obstacles. This Coach will provide you with fit based homework for the days you can't make it ,plus you'll be added to our Private Facebook group for further support.

Our Guided food shopping plays an important role in our high success ratio. Every new member will meet thier Coach at the local Grocery store so he/she can show them what to buy, what not to buy, and how to read a food label. We then add them to our private Facebook group where we post recipes, and give tips, Homework assignments etc.

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